Why pay monthly Amazon fees?

In September 2018, Debut Author took it’s platform from a Author showcase to a fully-incorporated Vendor marketplace, allowing it’s users to upload their work and SELL directly off debutauthor.com. By giving self-published authors another platform to sell their work, we’re further empowering the self-publishing movement and helping our authors get the exposure they need.

Debut Author’s goal is simple: to connect readers to all authors worldwide, especially new and emerging self-published authors and their work.

The more members, the more success Debut Author will have in attracting a wide range of readers and the interest of publishers.

Interested publishers will be able to contact our members directly, using the contact link. Readers interested in purchasing our member’s self-published book/s can now purchase these directly off the Debut Author Book Shop.

Debut Author is currently running a promotion allowing the first 100 Vendors to sign up to our platform FREE subscription FOR LIFE! Why pay monthly Amazon fees when you can cash in on this terrific deal! The only charge you will ever incur as a Vendor is when your book SELLS.

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