For whatever reason, PUBLISHERS may have rejected or have missed out on reviewing that unique manuscript, and the Debut Author ends up self-publishing their book/s. Furthermore, READERS wishing to buy the latest book/s by any Debut Author have difficulties finding them online to purchase.

Searching for the next best seller or finding that hard-to-find, unique book/s just became a whole lot easier.

DEBUT AUTHOR is specifically designed to give publishers & readers the opportunity to review or buy any self-published book/s. DEBUT AUTHOR provides both the publisher and reader unlimited access to the untapped resource of self-published authors.

This revolutionary concept:

  • provides first-time authors an easy, no fuss way to showcase, world-wide, recently self-published books, and
  • gives publishers and readers unlimited access to new and exciting authors

All searches are free of any costs or commitment. You can search by genres and view your searches as many times as you like. Once you find a self-published book, you can either contact the author (for confidentiality purposes, please contact us with your details, and we will forward the authors’ details to you), or purchase the self-published book from the author’s online retailer directly.

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