• The Divine Dissimulation

    In the distant future, the wealthy villain Abraham Goldstein funds a top-secret project to travel to heaven and meet God. Upon reaching heaven he finds out that God is dead. He also finds the technology necessary to take gods place and become a god in the eyes of men. Many years later Abraham and his group of angels, a group of genetically engineered super soldiers, rule Eden; a world created to simulate the Holy Land during the Bronze Age. They rule with terror and fear following the ancient laws. One day, an accident turns Abraham’s closest angel Lucifer against him, an event that plants the seed of Abraham’s destruction. Meanwhile, an ancient force is conspiring in the background to make its return to our world.

  • The Binding Volume 1

    “They did not have a plan, and with only a few days to formulate one, if they failed, America might too.”If you enjoy zany fiction in the style of Douglas Adams, then this book is for you. The story spans ages of time on a journey from Ancient Egypt to modern New Orleans. The bad guys are motivated by the same thing all bad guys a motivated by. The good guys… well, that is just a comical look into many different personalities and, uh, skill sets. The Binding is an engaging and fun read. This silly story will delight readers looking for a distraction from life’s real bad guys! John Parham does not disappoint with his freshman novel!

  • Demon Heart

    “Everyone has their demons—but Naoko’s demon is real, and it lives in her blood.”

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