• Gillespie’s Gold

    This long awaited follow up novel to Terry L Probert’s KUNDELA is now ready for release and early reviewers are extolling Probert’s capacity as a storyteller.

    Following on from his debut novel Kundela, this new story is as much a stand alone Aussie action adventure, as it is a continuation of the Gillespie family’s fortunes, as they battle to save their farm from mining giant RAYDOR.

    Set in and around Orroroo on the edge of the Flinders Ranges Joe Gillespie is anxious, haunted by a rhyme his father forced him to learn as a toddler. Now, his home and farm buildings remain vandalised and if he could only get rid of this thumping pain in his head, he might be of some use again.

    Too mean for fatherhood and too drunk to care, Les Gillespie used cruelty to reinforce his words, taking Joe only a few tours of Vietnam to replace those terrors with the horrors of that Asian War.

    Now forty years after burying the man he despised, Joe is looking at this gold receipt, memorising the first verse of the poem, desperate to remember the rest of it. He scours his mind for a hidden meaning, was there gold, did Les bury it, or was this just one more after death trick to torture his son?

    Deciding he must resolve this, or die trying, Joe Gillespie is a dangerous man.

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  • ‘Did She Fall?’ by Thorne Smith

    His only crime fiction novel from the ‘Complete Thorne Smith’ series

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  • VOSS The Price of Innocence by Terry L Probert

    Australian Detective Story / Murder Mystery / Set in Canberra

    The Price of Innocence is enjoyable and hard to put down. I relished the drama of Canberra’s underground porn scene with all of its jealousies and competition being the underlining reason for a brutal murder spree. Australian fiction at its best. – Kevin Drum, Clifton Springs

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    The Mabbotts are one big happy family living in a sprawling, ramshackle mansion. At least they were, until the wealthy owner, apparently commits suicide but when it is proved to obviously be murder, suspicion naturally falls on the rest of the family. While the Suffolk Constabulary struggles to find clues, the murderer has not anticipated the determination of John Handful, a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR who listens more than he talks and sees more than he is seen.

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    What would you do if your twelve year old daughter is beaten and gang raped?
    What would you do if you were restrained and forced to watch?
    When the police have no leads and it looks as if these men will go free, would you go hunting.
    Kelli lives in Texas where men are tough, the women tougher. She goes hunting the men that hurt young women and hide behind religion. Will she find these evil men? What will she do with them if she finds them?

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    What would you do if your twelve year old daughter is beaten and gang raped?
    What would you do if you were restrained and forced to watch?
    When the police have no leads and it appears as of these men will go free, would you go hunting?
    Kelli goes hunting the men that hurt her family, she hunts the men that hide behind thier religion.
    Will she find them? What will she do if she does? Kelli lives in Texas where men are tough as nails, but women need to be tougher still

    $10.00 $7.95
  • The Dust Will Answer

    No Lofts, No Lattes. No Law. 

    It’s not the Los Angeles of Hollywood dreams. It’s a darker, dirtier, more deceitful place. And an old flame is lost in the darkness. Lenny has to find her.

  • The Secret Art of Poisoning: The True Crimes of Martha Needle, The Richmond Poisoner

    How did a serial killer from the 19th century almost get away with murder?

    At the end of the 19th century, Martha Needle became known as ‘The Black Widow’ of the Richmond poisoning case after secretly poisoning her husband and children.

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  • The Dust Will Answer

    1978: The wave of gentrification has yet to break over downtown Los Angeles, and vast swathes of the warehouse district lie nearly abandoned next to the city’s concrete-clad river. Lenny Strasser, a straight-arrow with a taste for shady places, plunges into that world to discover that sometimes the only distance between two points is a very crooked line. When his friend Dave Larrabee nags him into tracking down a missing girlfriend, Lenny suspects that the girl doesn’t want to be found. She had beens his before she was Dave’s, and she’d gone gleefully missing from his life one time too many. But this time, she may have fallen, again, into the hands of the charismatic Nighthawk, who could lead her into territories where the danger is real, and Kate’s penchant for role-playing no protection from harm. The quest takes them into hobo jungles and punk squats by the LA River–and into an after-midnight darkness of moral ambiguity that changes Lenny’s life in ways he’d never dreamed of.

  • Six

    Six has a normal job, taboo fantasies, and the will to do what needs to be done. Can a woman be powerful and docile all at once?

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