• The Devil Doctor

    Dr. Fu Manchu lives! He has managed to survive the fire in the cottage and has returned to further the plans of his secret society. Dr. Petrie and Nayland Smith must again fight this nefarious villain before he succeeds. This time, he’s after Reverend Eltham in order to obtain the name of a secret agent in China. But lo! He does not do these things himself. He summons deadly and magical creatures to do his bidding. Dr. Petrie and Nayland Smith must, once again, track down Dr. Fu Manchu before their lives are extinguished by his henchmen! The Devil Doctor is the sequel to The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu. It was also published as The Return of Fu Manchu. Sax Rohmer was a prolific author of early science fiction and fantasy. He was perhaps best known for creating the super-villian, Dr. Fu Manchu — a character who went on the become the subject of many films and, in fact, much plundering. (Think about it for a moment: how many evil Chinese Mandarin masterminds have you heard tell of? Remember Ian Fleming’s Dr. No? Remember Lo-Pan, from Big Trouble in Little China? Egg Fu, from Wonder Woman? Be careful. They’re everywhere.)

  • Six

    Six has a normal job, taboo fantasies, and the will to do what needs to be done. Can a woman be powerful and docile all at once?

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