Casey and Aon – A Cybersafety Chapter Book for Kids

Introducing Amanda and her wonderful book for kids

Casey has a new robot named Aon, and it is his job to teach him how to behave. Aon is keen to learn about the internet, so Casey informs him how children can stay safe online. There are real dangers in the world, and there are risks to using the internet as well.

How will Casey teach a robot to consider the feelings of people online? Can he help Aon to understand how the actual world relates to the virtual world we use on computers and devices?

Casey and Aon: A Cybersafety Chapter Book For Kids is for every school or parent who wants a fun and engaging way to discuss and learn about internet safety and etiquette.

This book has everything a school, parent or counsellor is looking for:

  • specific teaching points in a fun fictional story about current cyber safety issues
  • a child teaching a robot about internet etiquette and the consequences of virtual behaviour
  • teaching points, notes and comprehension questions at the end

Casey and Aon is an illustrated chapter book suitable for ages 6–10 (reading level grade 2 and above).

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